Monday, June 28, 2010

Some of the many faces of Sophie...

Our youngest grandchild is Sophie Lyn. Sophie turns one year old this month. She has been such an interesting little addition to our family. For the longest time, her facial expressions didn't change much. What you see in the first picture is about as expressive as she got. She would mostly just sit and watch everyone else go about their business with very little reaction. Her Aunt Becca said she reminded her of the big gorilla in the primate exhibit at the zoo. I have to admit, I agreed with her.

Recently Sophie's little personality has started to shine through, making her a great source of joy for everyone in the family. In honor of her first birthday, here are just a few of my favorite pictures of her.

Is that surprise, confusion, fear, or just plain gas?

Can you tell she just learned to wave hello and goodbye? I love that little sideways grin.

This is such a sweet shot of her precious little shoe-button eyes!

This sweet baby is so sweet about wearing those horrible, huge, headbands that her mommy is constantly sticking on her head.

She is so good at blowing raspberries. Just try to not sit near her at the dinner table.

Never camera shy, I think she was actually trying to wink at me when I snapped this picture.

Needless to say, Sophie Lyn has grown past the "watchful gorilla stage" and provides us all with many chuckles and grins as we watch her ever changing facial expressions.

Happy Birthday, Little Sophie!


Becca Castello said...

The second picture of her is so funny! I can't believe how big she has gotten, it makes me so sad! And thanks for making me sound like a horrible Aunt...with sharing the gorilla comment! That was for our ears only :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE that kissy picture

Woolverton Girl said...

She is so very cute! I love the raspberry face!