Saturday, June 19, 2010

A fire fighter in the family...

About 7 months ago, Scott got back from a deployment to Iraq. He got back too late to start the semester so he had some time to spend with family and make some decisions about his career. He has always wanted to work with his hand, is interested in any form of science, and thrives on strange time schedules. He considered being a park ranger or a high school biology teacher so that he could use his free time for travel or building things. Unfortunately, between National Guard deployments and his ADD, Scott might be in school until he is 50. So, out of the blue he decides to give fire fighting a shot. He has already taken the initial exam and the physical aptitude test. This week, he had his interview with the Temple Fire Department. Now, if he passes the polygraph on Monday, he will spend 6 months in the Fire Academy. After that, he will report to the central fire station and work as a rover until he earns a spot at one of the crews assigned to a station. In honor of Scott's new adventure, I thought I would post about what I see as just a few of his many talents.

Scott loved living in Canyon, Texas. During one of our visits there, we spent some time in the Canyon. Scott has always enjoyed hiking. Between him and Ryan, hiking can be an educational experience (NERDS!).

Scott enjoys playing soccer and going snowboarding. He would prefer to live somewhere like Colorado, but I sure am glad he lives here.

Scott is a wonderful cook! His apple dumplings and bread bowls with beef stew are to die for!

Scott has inherited his grandfather's talent and is an artist with wood. He builds furniture, does remodeling, and is creating a masterpiece in Leslie's house.

Scott's years as an Army brat resulted in a young man who is patriotic. He has defended his country by serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He even marches in parades!

Scott believes in a minimalist wardrobe. Gray T-shirts and all purpose cargo pants or carpenters jeans. It has started to rub off on the other men of the family.

When our kids were little, we camped a lot. Scott now enjoys getting out for the occasional camping or fishing trip.

Scott collects state border pictures whenever he travels. I'm not quite sure how many he has now.

Scott creates unusual snow sculptures in the style of Calvin and Hobbs.

Scott has actually has grown fond of babies now that he has spent time with his beautiful nieces! But, he draws the line at changing diapers.

He has recently started geocaching when he isn't W.O.W.-ing.

Believe it or not, he actually reads the manuals when putting things together!

Right now, Scott's dream is to buy an RV and travel to Alaska.

And, most importantly, he puts up with hugs from his mom!
Congratulations, Scott!

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Woolverton Girl said...

Congrats, Scott! I sure hope he enjoys it.