Friday, June 11, 2010

Days 8, 9, & 10...

I have had 2 road trips this week! Yahoo! On Wednesday, I spent the afternoon with my parents where I worked on another block for my Liberty quilt. This block was called signal lights. It would have been so confusing without Mom to clarify the instructions. I left it at my parent's house or I would have posted a picture. Some of the family showed up there for dinner and conversations. It was a nice afternoon.
Yesterday, I attended the Stake Relief Society Women's Conference. The attendance was unbelievable! The cultural hall was packed with tables and so many more women showed up, that they had to set up tables on the stage. There were some helpful displays on Provident Living and food storage, a wonderful luncheon to enjoy, as well as the sweet opportunity to meet with women from my old and new wards. The guest speaker was Brad Wilcox. He is a well known author and motivational speaker who has presented at many church related functions throughout the world. His presentation focused on the power and grace of the atonement, and how we can experience success in our efforts to become worthy of our Heavenly Father's presence once we leave this life. It was a beautiful and uplifting meeting.
Hip wise, things are progressing quite well. At this point, I would just like to have one good night's sleep. I have never been a back sleeper and that seems to be the most comfortable position for my leg. I have tried laying on the opposite side and propping my leg with pillows, but it just isn't comfortable. Hopefully, as things progress, sleeping will be possible again.
Good news on the family front. Ryan is back in the oil field and probably won't be off-site until fall. And, Scott has an interview for the Temple Fire Department on the 18th. YAHOO! Leslie now has cabinets, a sink, and dishwasher installed in her kitchen. And, Becca is back to normal anxiously awaiting Ed's homecoming. The grandkids are still as beautiful as ever. I can't wait until I am up for another sleep over.

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Kathy said...

Can I say "envy"? I miss those 'big' Relief Society meetings when you come home motivtated, filled, and blessed with the companionship of wonderful sisters. Good luck on a good nights sleep.