Monday, July 5, 2010

5 weeks tomorrow...

So, here's how things stand right now.

Mobility: I am still using a cane to walk, unless I am in the kitchen or bathroom. Those rooms have enough counter space that I can grab onto so I don't need the cane. I use the cane because there is still some muscle weakness and joint tenderness. I have started tracking my steps again and try to keep it over 5000 a day. When I think I was putting around 10,000 on my pedometer each day at the end of the school year, I get a little discouraged. Hopefully, I will get better each day. As for the flights of stairs at school; I am in a bit of a panic when I think about them! But, I still have all of July and part of August to go.
Sleep: I am finally able to sleep on all sides; making me feel like a chicken on a rotisserie at night. I need to switch sides often because the muscles in my hip and thigh will start to pull after a while. I still have to get up often to use the bathroom. I think it is because the swelling is still not gone and I am drinking water like crazy to flush out my body.
Clot: I am no longer taking the Arixtra injections because my cumodin levels are between 2 - 3. My right leg is still slightly pinker than the left and there is still a problem with swelling in the lower leg when I sit without propping my foot. I go to the cumodin clinic tomorrow for more blood work and to touch base with the PA in charge of my case. Hopefully, the levels are maintaining and I won't have to start the injections again.
Attitude: Impatient and frustrated at times, but humbled and thankful. Before surgery, I had these lofty goals all outlined in my mind about when I would be walking freely, driving, swimming, chasing the grandkids. Have I reached any of them? Not many! But, when I think about how lucky I am that the clot issues didn't kill me, it humbles me enough to be more thankful for the progress I have made. Because I expected to be so much farther along by now, I start to feel some panic every now and then. Unless you are a teacher, your really don't understand how much time and work goes into your classroom before the little critters even step foot inside the building. Not to mention the many things I want to do at home BEFORE the summer is over. But, I can't do anything about either of those issues so I read my scriptures a lot more and find comfort in them.
Goals for the Week: Keep my steps over 5000 each day, keep up the therapy, and remember to be thankful for small blessings each day.

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