Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hopscotch and water...

June is a busy birthday month. My brother, David, celebrates his birthday on the 10th. My husband, Ron, celebrates his on the 12th. And our son, Scott, celebrates his on the 13th. We thought we were going to have all of them together yesterday evening because Dave and his son Kyle were due in from Kansas. Unfortunately, they got in a little late (10:00) so we celebrated birthday month at Leslie's house without them.Scott had been gone for his yearly National Guard assignment, but got home a few weeks ago. He isn't the most demonstrative person in the world, but I think he has a soft spot in his heart for these two sweeties. I used to have to force Scott to hold little ones by dumping them into his arms. This was taken the evening after he got home. I think he missed them.
While we were at Leslie's house, the kids decided to play outside. It was a pretty hot afternoon, but luckily Leslie's house is surrounded by huge trees. The sprinklers were turned on for a while and the kids got to cool off.
We tried to teach the kids how to play hop scotch. Sophie spent most of her time toddling around picking up sticks or rocks. I had to post this picture because it shows her latest facial expression. I think that frown is such a strange sight on the face of such a happy baby!
Maggie didn't quite understand the concept of hopping on one foot from box to box. I think she got her hops confused with giant steps from Mother May I?
Luckily, the girls have a sweet older cousin. Seth is pretty patient about playing with the girls. They do have moments when it seems like all they do is run around the house squealing, screaming and giggling. Thank goodness we were able to get outside! For some reason they aren't nearly as loud out there!


Amanda said...

Leslie's girls are so BEAUTIFUL, and Seth is growing up so much. He just looks like a little man.

Amanda said...

I wish Becca and Leslie kept blogs, I can't get enough of these pictures.