Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 update continued: Springtime means Sports (and Bluebonnets)

Oh, how I remember the days of rushing from one sporting event to another as our kids were growing up! I honestly believe that mothers get wide fannies from sitting on bleachers year after year. I foolishly thought those days were over once our kids became adults. Nope; the faces and places changed but bleachers still remain. This year, Sophie played soccer and Maggie played softball. Luckily, I got to watch most of their games from the comfort of a camp chair instead of the bleachers!

Sophie Lyn played soccer again this year, on a team her daddy coached. She is certainly the more athletic of Leslie's girls. Sophie loves any sport she tries and is a solid player. She gives her all and doesn't complain.

Maggie Lyn has played soccer in the past; but, she hasn't ever really enjoyed playing. This year she decided to give softball a try. Between having coaches that had never coached before, a lack of athletic ability, and a stubborn streak; Maggie's experience was less than pleasant. There was a lot of chatter between Poppy and Leslie about possibly coaching next year and having both of the girls play. Ugh! I am so conflicted about that.

Besides getting to watch the grands play outside in the glorious Texas weather, springtime offers the beauty of native wild flowers. Unfortunately, the hectic nature of our lives this year kept me from getting many pictures. These are the only two I found on my camera. At least they are my favorites; Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets.

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