Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 update continued: Dad's Final Battle

This will be a hard post. I'm intentionally keeping it short because it is difficult to write.  We lost Dad to cancer in April.  He fought with bravery, dignity, and courage; never complaining, and always with a positive attitude. Dad left behind one final lesson: do not complain and accept what life throws at you with grace.
There is often a mixture of emotions when a loved one passes away. In these pictures you will see the joy that comes when family gathers together. Yet, even in some of the faces and actions you see the pain and sorrow. Enough said. We miss you, Dad.
One of my favorite pictures of Dad. He was in every sense of the words, Mr. Fix-it.
 During the weeks before Dad's death, the brothers came down to help care for him and offer whatever support Mom needed. They stayed at Mom and Dad's house and took care of so many things. It made the time much easier for Mom.
The youngest Porter boy; David Andrew and his cool Harley camper.
 The grandkids gathered around and gave Dad a lot of joy. Their laughter and antics brightened his last days. Aunt B was great about providing them with diversions.

A final message from Maggie Lyn...
 The funeral was held at the Texas State Veteran's Cemetery. It was a quiet ceremony attended only by his closest friends and family members. Most of his children and some of the grandchildren were able to make it down in time to say goodbye to Dad. Those who were able, traveled from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, and Kansas to be there for the funeral. The women from our church, Mom's quilt group, and many other friends kept us well fed.

From left to right: Amanda, James, Alisha, Sarah, Brad, Emily, and Jason.

Left to right: Alisha, Sarah, Larry, Brad, Ryan, Emily, Jason, and Matt.

The oldest Porter boy; Bob and his sweet wife Kathy Lee.

The second Porter boy, Larry, and some of his children. Sarah, Brad and James.

Ryan and Jamie.

Jessica and Scott.

Emily, Lesie, and Kathy Jane.

David, his wife Deb, and his son Kyle.

Clockwise from the left: Ryan, Scott, Jessica, Larry, Kyle, Mom, Kathy Jane, James, Jamie, Brad, Alisha, and Scott

Clockwise from the left: Kathy Jane, James, Jamie, Brad, Maggie, Leslie, Kathy Lee, Jason, Emily, Sarah, Amanda, and Alisha.

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