Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Update Continued: Fall Begins to Arrive

As I looked through my pictures to decide what my next update post would be, I realized that I had become a little lax about hauling the camera out. And, it seems as though the pictures I took were for no apparent reason. The result was a jumbled mass of random photographs that didn't seem to tell a story. When put together, I realized they actually contained a message; don't let life pass without truly enjoying each and every moment.
Because summer is always jam packed with the never ending to do list, it seems as though it flies by.  When that list is whittled away, I suddenly realize it is Fall!

1. One of the first signs of Fall, is the plethora of Fall Decor that suddenly appears on the shelves of every store in town. During one family dinner, Jamie, Sophia, and Samantha joined us. They painted pumpkins to create a pumpkin patch for Grandma. The next time we visited her, they decorated her flower boxes on the patio with their little pumpkins. Of course, that was one picture I didn't take.

2. This event will mean nothing to anyone not from Texas. One of our native companies is an ice cream producer established many years ago in the town of Bremen, Texas. The make the most delicious ice cream. Unfortunately, there was an outbreak of food contamination in one of their out-of-state factories. The company made the decision to end production in all companies until they could feel confident that the contamination was completely eradicated. We impatiently awaited the return of production, worried that the incident would spell the end of an family owned and operated company. Luckily, the company has survived and is once again placing products on the shelves. Welcome back, Blue Bell!

3. Another thing that seemed to happen over night was my grandson, Seth, growing up! This boy is the sweetest young man. He has always held a special spot in my heart. It is a painful fact of life that as the grandkids grow up, they spend less and less time at their grandparents' home. I know that, and understand that, but there are times when I sure do miss that little guy.

4. Not matter how many things change, there is always one constant: Ron, snoozing in front of the television. 

5. Maggie decided she wanted to learn to sew. Leslie brought the girls down on Saturday during General Conference and they all worked on sewing projects. Sophie used an orphan block made by Mom to make a pillow, but for some reason we didn't get a picture of it. Maggie used a yard of fabric her mother had in her stash and some random fat quarters from mine to make this cute pillow. Leslie started a Christmas quilt; but, it is still hanging on my design board. Maybe she will get it finished during next year's conference weekend.

6. Boomer has been part of our lives for a couple of years now. We bought him at the flea marked in Wheelersburg, Ohio during one of our visits to Ron's mother. He is a mutt; part beagle and part basset hound that we call a bagel. His hind legs are longer than his front, he has the beagle head, basset height, beagle tail, and beagle nose. Quite a funny little guy; but, he sure loves our family.

 One new experience we had with him was a long anticipated event which turned into a huge disappointment. The city built a dog park near one of our largest recreation areas. One reason they put the dog park at it's current location was the location. It is actually in a flood plane. So, it is closed more than it is open due to the crazy amount of rain we have had this year. We finally took Boomer and the grands' dog, Tico, to the park. It was a mistake! That beagle nose did not give Boom any rest! He ran and sniffed the entire time! It wasn't relaxing at all. If he goes back again it will be with Ron. I'll settle for long walks in the neighborhood.

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