Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 update continued: Early June - Celebrations and Graduation!

During the school year, I don't always get to participate in school activities for the grandkids. Mostly because I'm at MY school working. That is the biggest disadvantage of not teaching in Temple. However, I do take advantage of my sick days and personal days to make sure I can attend the most important events.

Maggie Lyn received an academic award for being the brains of the family. All A Honor Roll for the Year! Way to go Mags!! Aunt B, Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, and Mimi were there to help her celebrate.

Later that same day, we were able to watch as Sophie Lyn graduated from Kindergarten! It is so hard to believe how quickly the little ones are growing.

I often express the most sincere gratitude to my Heavenly Father for being able to have my children live close enough that I can be a part of their families' lives.  Not many of my friends have that blessing. Sweet moments like these are what matters most.

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