Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 update continued: Becca's New Job

My oldest daughter, Rebecca, has been a full-time mom for over 14 years. During that time, she was team mom, room mother, and held down the fort as her husband, Ed, worked overseas.  Recently, as Seth got older, she started talking about going back to work.  Through a series of events that seemed to work out exactly the way they were supposed to, she ended up getting a job as the Activities Director at Hillside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Gatesville. At the same time, the center was preparing to construct a new facility.

In September, we were invited to the "Sneak Peek" held for invited family and guests. Rebecca gave us a tour of the facility while we were there. It will really be a wonderful place for people who need continuing care to live.

Rebecca with her hubby, Edward, and our grandson, Seth.

One side of the new facility...

The front entry/drive of the new center...

Interior shot of the common area...

another view of the common area.

The new facility is scheduled to be open in January. They will start moving patients over around the middle of the month. From what Rebecca has said, there is a waiting list for new patients.  I'm sure it will fill up quickly.

Congratulations, Rebecca! We are very proud of you!

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