Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Update Continued: Dad's Memorial Celebration

My father was an amazing man. He seemed to excel at everything he tried. One of the things he enjoyed most was wood carving. That love of wood carving led to the creation of The Central Texas Wood Carvers Guild. As Dad's health diminished, several of his guild members would visit him at home. After he died, Marty, the guild president contacted Mom and told her the guild wanted to purchase a memorial tree near the recreation center and place a commemorative plaque in his honor.  The family was invited to attend the memorial for Dad.

Dad's plaque
Marty told us how he had managed to get the park's memorial department to move a plaque from an existing tree near the rec center so that Dad's could be place there. The guild purchased another tree farther into the park and the other plaque was placed there. Marty said that since Dad was so instrumental in getting the guild started, and helping establish community participation in the rec center, they agreed.

During the memorial ceremony
As I was listening to the story, I couldn't help but think, "Oh my! I hope the other family doesn't get upset when they visit their plaque and discover it moved!"

Marty, guild president
 The guild is made up of mostly retire gentlemen. There were several other members that were active while Dad was alive. However, membership has dropped. Mom said she was worried that it would end up dissolving now that Dad was gone. I hope it continues as a living legacy to Dad.

Mom with the carvers

I'm not sure the grandkids understood what was happening. They knew that we were there to remember Dad. I loved how they all gathered around the plaque afterwards and talked about what had happened.
The grand girls
 This picture is priceless! Dad was a wonderful man who's influence is still felt by our family.

We love you, Old Poppy

dinner and conversation afterwards
Life is filled with, "if only" moments. If only one of the grandkids had learned to carve. Luckily, one of my brothers started wood carving  before Dad left us.  He continues to carve and has taken most of Dad's tools. Scott has a few knives that Dad made and gave to him. I think he would have liked for Scott to start carving. Maybe he will some day.

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