Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yet another birthday...

It seems hard to believe but I hit 53 this year.  I don't know why I am surprised.  Every time I walk past a plate glass window and catch a glimpse of that old woman that looks really familiar, I get a reminder.  It was an extra special birthday because both of my boys called. (Scott is finished with training in Georgia and is packing his gear to deploy.  He still doesn't know if he will be home on a pass before he leaves or not. I guess we will know when he knows. Ryan is doing well. He is so close to graduation and is learning a lot at his new job.  He makes geological maps or some such thing.)  Leslie and G sent me a yummy chocolate covered strawberry bouquet.  (It arrived at school and I was the envy of the office staff.)  Ron bought me a beautiful watch and chocolate.  Miss Mary, Maggie's babysitter, remembered my birthday and sent me a dozen of her famous cookies.  I taught her son Andrew my first year as a third grade cluster teacher.  She still thinks of me as the teacher that had the most influence on her son.  That is quite a compliment now that he is a Sophomore!   I got email cards from Becca and Ed.  And last but not least, I had a delicious spaghetti dinner with Mom and Dad.  All in all, not a bad day.  Just hope all of my boys are home this time next year and I can have them, my girls, and my parents all over for dinner.  Now THAT would make a perfect birthday.


Kathy said...

I didn't know you had a blog!!! Welcome. I am not very good or faithful but I love to snoop and read other people's blogs. Good job, and thanks for sharing.
Love ya

Sarah Harward said...

HORRAY FOR BLOGS!! I didn't know you had a blog either! Do either of your girls have a blog? I think they're such a fun way to keep updated with peoples lives! I'm excited to keep spying on yours (if you don't mind!).
Love ya!