Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things I have been meaning to blog about...

I thought I would post a few pictures that have been taken over the past few weeks. It is an attempt to make up for the posts that are photo-less.
Football season continues to move along. Seth's team lost their first game today. Luckily, Seth doesn't get that bent out of shape over a loss, so the day isn't totally ruined by a loss. Leslie, G, and the girls didn't make it today because they are in Houston visiting G's family. These are a couple of shots I took last week.

Look at that cute, pink face. Sophie may have some Hispanic blood in her, but that pink glow is proof positive that she has some Anglo-European blood too.

Becca found these awesome chairs at Academy. They are regular camp chairs with a twist. They have a little awning on top of them, which will make them perfect for watching games in the hot Texas sun. Last week was especially warm. Even Maggie, who usually seems impervious to the heat, snuggled up with Aunt B under the awning.
This next picture is for Mom and Dad. They said they couldn't figure out which player was Seth. He is #11 and the only one wearing gray socks. He couldn't seem to find his purple ones. Becca found them yesterday, shoved under her seat in the van.
After the game, Maggie came home with me. I had intended to get some lesson plans written, some papers graded, and entered into the online grade book. As you can see, Maggie ended up using my laptop for other things.

Here is a picture of my beautiful girls. I had a doctor's appointment one day a week or so ago. I decided to take the entire day off. The girls came over and we ended up having lunch, making a trip to Hobby Lobby, and making Christmas gifts for the great-grandparents. Because it is only October, pictures of the craft will have to wait until December. But, they turned out really nice. Can't wait to share pictures of them.

Another thing I have been meaning to blog about is my rain water collector. The kids got it for me as a Mother's Day gift. I love it! I have been able to water my potted flowers on the deck the entire summer; even in Texas!
The prettiest flower in the bunch is Sophie.
The rainwater collector is attached to a rain gutter on the corner of the sun porch. It can either be used with a hose or by filling a bucket. My yard is so small, that using a bucket is so much easier than fighting with a hose.
I managed to harvest enough water from the collector to keep my potted plants watered through the entire summer. That is pretty impressive because there are 4 pots like the one below as well as 6 medium sized pots. Not bad for a TEXAS summer!

I wasn't going to put any flowers out this year because I knew I would be recuperating for most of the summer. But, the rain barrel motivated me and I was able to enjoy these beautiful flowers for the entire summer.
Luckily, because of this wonderful Texas weather, I should be able to enjoy these gorgeous flowers well into December.

Well, that is it for another week or so. Nothing super interesting; just
some of the simple pleasures in my life.


The monkey bunch said...

Love your flowers!

kathy said...

The girls are so cute even if they do tend to steal computer time. Rain collector is such a wonderful idea especially in Texas.