Sunday, October 24, 2010


This month I turned 55 years old. To some, that may seem ancient; to others, it may seem quite young. To me it is just a number. I don't really think about age that much; but, at times I feel my age. In honor of my birthday, I figured I ought to post at least 1 picture of myself on this stupid blog. That was hard to do! I don't seem to have many pictures of me. I guess it is because I am always the one with the camera. Anyway, this one will have to do. Also, I thought now would also be a good time to list a few things that I see as accomplishments, sources of joy and happiness, as well as my dreams and goals.

First: the things that bring me joy...
1) Most importantly of all, I know who my Heavenly Father is. I love Him, I know that He loves me, I receive guidance from Him on a daily basis, and I know that I can always turn to Him for help. All of which are possible through the loving atonement of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
2) I have managed to stay close, geographically and emotionally, to my parents. They are the greatest role models anyone could ever hope for. They are hard working, honest, talented, and supportive. I hope that I have given them joy and pride by the things I have done with my life.
3) I have stayed married to a wonderful man and weathered many storms with him. He drives me crazy at times, but is and always has been my sweetheart.
4) I have managed to become friends with my children. I will never, ever, ever say that I was a good mother. The whole time I was raising my kids, I felt like I was playing a continuous game of Roulette. I never knew how my decisions would turn out. I like my kids as adults, and I think they like me.
5) I have become a good teacher. Waiting until I was older to get my degree was mostly due to lack of confidence on my part. Going to college, doing well in college, and becoming the type of educator that others turn to for advice, or look to as a mentor, has been a complete surprise and joy to me.
6) I have had the privilege of living in, traveling to, and learning about many different places. In each place, I met people who had an impact on me. Some of the people who have stayed in my memory as examples include Phyllis Condie, Cindi Page, Barbara Becker, Rae Keck, Beth Jepson, Teddi Richardson, Joyce Rey, and LeAnn Wright. I am thankful for these people from my past and for the good they brought out in me.
7) My greatest joy of all; being a grandmother to 3 beautiful, bright, and healthy children.

Second, the things I hope to someday accomplish...
1) To always remain a source of love and comfort for my family, friends, and students.
2) To someday learn to manage my time so that I can sew, quilt, craft, garden, and travel.
3) To take a year off and hop in an RV with Ron and the grand kids, then travel to all the major ballparks & LDS temples throughout the continental United States.
4) To write a book.
5) To live my life in a way that people will know my beliefs by my works.
6) Be the kind of grandparent that is never thought of as "old".
7) And last, but not least, (I am stealing this one from Barbara), to design a bra that fits comfortably, has straps that don't slide off my shoulders, and feels as good as not wearing one!


The monkey bunch said...

Happy birthday! You are awesome!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments and good luck with those goals- I would buy that bra!

AZBabs said...

Oh, Gwen. I cried and then I laughed. I'd forgotten about the bra. As long as I'm designing things, Id also like to design shoes for size 11W that are attractive, comfortable and don't look like SAS! I miss you so much when I read your blog and especially after looking at the family photos. You are a wonderful teacher, wife, mother and all around great friend. Hello and wishes for a terrific Thanksgiving with your family. Love ya.