Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grandkids... at least the ones that are potty trained.

I love weekends like this one. Becca brought Seth over on Friday evening to stay the night. We didn't do anything special; ate Pappa John's for dinner, played some games, watched some TV, and just sort of chilled out. We were both pretty beat from a full school week, so we went to bed pretty early. I was feeling a little disappointed because we weren't going to be able to spend Saturday together due to the weekly football game. Lucky for me, my disappointment disappeared when not only Seth, but Maggie came home with me for another overnight visit.
Here are a few of our "exciting" moments.

We played flashlight hide and seek... Maggie is actually pretty good at hiding. She just doesn't quite get the "count to 20" idea. She will usually say "1, 2, 20!" So, you have to hide pretty quickly when she is it.

We took some pictures... I was trying to snap a picture from time to time. Even Seth snapped a picture of me. We tried to get Maggie to take a picture of us, but she kept taking pictures of our feet, the ceiling, her fingers, etc. We just settled on the picture Seth took.

We worked puzzles together... Seth was so thoughtful. He would wait until Maggie had her puzzle taken apart, and several pieces were put back in before he would actually start on his.

We played video games... Seth brought over his Nintendo DS and held Maggie on his lap while he played. We also played some cool math games on a web site his teacher showed him. We even tried out some games on NickJr.

When Saturday evening came, both kids were pretty tired so we got to go to bed early again; always a plus for Mimi! Sunday, we woke up to eat waffles before Seth went home and Maggie & I headed off to church. What a great weekend!


Sarah Harward said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I remember spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa when we lived in Texas and they're some of my favorite memories (including eating those little tiny things of ice cream with the wooden 'spoon' that comes with them).

Amanda said...

Maggie looks a lot like Leslie, and Seth seems like such a sweetie with the little ones.

Kathy said...

What fun. You are so lucky to have them so close. A weekend is perfect. You are such a great Mimi.