Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Our First 5th Wheel Trip: Maysville, Kentucky Flood Walls and Greenup County Veterans Memorial

There are several towns along the Ohio River that have had murals painted on their flood walls.  We have visited the ones in Portsmouth; but, wanted to see some in other towns.  I had read about a small town on the Kentucky side of the river that had murals which told the history of the town. One afternoon, after visiting Ron's mother, we drove down to the town of Maysville, Kentucky.

One of the first murals has images of Rosemary Clooney on it. Evidently,
she started her career performing at a theater in Maysville.

The rest of the murals told the history of the area beginning with the time it was
a hunting ground for Native Americans. 

The town grew once it westward expansion began. One of the first ferries across the Ohio River was located at Maysville. 

As a result of the ferry, the town grew and many notable historic people traveled through the area.

The town eventually grew into a shipping port, to allow movement of goods. 

Eventually river boats began to transport people up and down the river, stopping in Maysville.

 Not only did the town have flood wall murals, they had several large quilt blocks mounted on the sides of buildings in town. The town itself was quaintly beautiful and very well cared for. Luckily, we were there on a Sunday afternoon and most of the business were closed. What a novelty!! As a result, there were very few people out and about; mostly people walking their dogs or enjoying the beautiful weather. We couldn't have picked a better day to visit.

There was a cute little park near the flood walls. There were people taking senior pictures there so we didn't have a chance to walk around in it. 

We did attempt a selfie beside the park. I'm not good at this type of photography.

One of the best examples of preserving the history of the town, was this building. It was originally a high school; which was turned into condominium style apartments. 

Most of the homes are built side by side, with alleys running behind them. The town was amazingly well cared for. 

This is one of the older homes in the town. I just loved the mosaic on the sides of the home.
The largest buildings in town were the churches! I neglected to take notes about which denominations they were, but they were all beautiful.

The is the theater shown in the mural. It is currently under renovation and the only performances being held at this time are for fund raising. 

This is a picture of the down town area where most businesses are located. 
 Another quick stop we made was at a memorial located outside the town of Greenup Kentucky. It is in an odd location; along the side of a state highway at the bottom of a hill facing the Ohio River. There is absolutely nothing else in the area so it just seems strange that this memorial is just sort of stuck in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong; it is a really nice little memorial and well maintained. When we stopped, there was a family visiting and they happened to notice that Ron had his retired Army hat on. They graciously thanked him for his service, and politely listened as he told them, "I used to work on a tank just like this one."

The last picture is of a Veteran's Cemetery that was right next to our campground. I hold a special place in my heart for these; especially since Mom and Dad are buried at the one in Killeen, Texas. It is heartwarming to know that our nation appreciates the service of our armed forces.

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