Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Seth's Graduation!!!!

I can't believe my little guy is now a High School Graduate. So many of my co-workers have commented, "Oh my goodness! I remember when he was just a tiny thing and would hang out in your classroom!" Those days are in the past, and I do miss them from time to time; but, I am so excited for what the future holds for this sweet guy. I know he has a lifetime of new and exciting things ahead of him. His next endeavor will be to complete the welding certification course at Central Texas College. The family gave him various gift certificates to help cover the cost of books, equipment, etc. Plus, he was awarded a scholarship that will cover the tuition for the course.

The family supported Seth by attending his graduation in Gatesville. The ceremony was held on the high school football field. We had been worried about the weather because it has been an unusually wet spring. If the ceremony had to move indoors, attendance would have been limited to 4 guests per family. That would have disappointed several family members.

The ceremony was simple and respectful, focusing on the relationships the students have forged over the years.  It was representative of what it is like to live in a small town with a family atmosphere.

Here are a few highlights of the evening. For some reason, the pictures didn't load in the order I intended. They aren't in order and it is too much of a hassle to rearrange them, so they are staying this way.

The superintendent addressed the crowd prior to the ceremony,
instructing us to refrain from using noise makers, such as air horns. 

proud mom Rebecca and Uncle Scott

The silly twins

Our official Team Seth ID badges; compliments of
Aunt Jamie

the honor guard

Seth in the processional

I loved how they put the graduates' year on
the score board.

These 4 love any chance to get together.

After graduation, everyone in town seemed to
swarm the football field!

Poppy and Mimi with their favorite grandson.

The girls love their big cousin.

Ryan's family.

The uncles with Seth.

Some of Seth's friends...

and more friends...

Proud Mom and her boy

The chair was placed on the field as a memorial
to a fellow classmate who had passed away.

Each student placed a flower in the tub beside the
chair as they approached the stand.

Seth head up for his diploma.

Gerson, Leslie, and Jamie

Unfortunately, Ed wasn't at graduation. Our family is still trying to understand the reason for his mental health decline over the past two years We love him and worry about him. He had gong to New Jersey to stay with his dad; and, hopefully get the help he needs. We had expected him to come down for graduation; but, for some reason, he decided to take off. We still do not know where he is; but, the police have located him and assured us he is well. We continue to pray for him and will support Seth as much as we can as he transition from childhood to adulthood.

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