Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Private Tour of Fire Station #3...

Ron and I were out running the usual Saturday errands today, when we passed Fire Station #3. It is a little station about 4 blocks from our house here in Temple. 
 I happened to glance up at the parking lot and saw Scott's VW sitting there.
I said to Ron, "Is that Scott's car?  Is he working today?"  (We can't keep track of his work 24 hours, off 48 hours schedule.)  We agreed it was, because after all, how many silver VW bugs are there with a carved hummingbird hanging from the rear view mirror!  I told Ron that  we needed to bring back a gallon of ice cream back to the station when we were finished with our errands and on our way home.

Scott's helmet...

The fire department has a policy between the guys, that if you get your picture in the newspaper or are shown on TV you have to bring in ice cream for the guys on your next shift.  That happened to Scott during the first few months he worked for the TFD.  So, I figured it would be a nice surprise especially since it is so blasted hot outside!

Fire Station #3, Temple, Texas...

Anyway, we finished up our errands and stopped by to drop off the ice cream.  Lucky for us, Station 3 is the HAZMAT station, so they don't get a lot of calls for fires.  Just mostly cleaning up spills or answering 9-1-1 calls.  It was pretty quiet at the station so Scott got to show us all around.
  I didn't have my camera, and if it wasn't 107 degrees, I would go back and take pictures.  Be that as it may, I did find a few either in iPhoto or online that I can use.
But back to the tour; it was great!  We got to meet Scott's captain and the other firefighter on duty.  Then, Scott showed us the HAZMAT trucks and the regular engine.  The truck was unbelievable! Totally 
self-contained with anything anyone would ever need to clean up any crisis situation imaginable.  I told Scott that whoever designed it, must have been a genius.  He said they are pretty expensive and thought the price of the one we were looking at was around 1.5 mil.  The regular engine itself runs around $650,00.  
We also got to meet his captain, see the kitchen, the lounge, their bunk area, the gym, the picnic area, and the work area.  
What a great treat!

Yummy deliciousness!
We didn't stay long because we didn't want to be a bother, but I am sure glad we stopped.  Your Mommy is very, very proud of you Scott!


The monkey bunch said...

Love Blue bell ice cream!! We missed it after we left Texas!

Anonymous said...

fireman and Scott seem such a logical fit and wonder why he didn't finger that out eariler. plus for Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream minus hot hot weather. Big plus the folks who live there. Miss Rae is proud of Scott too. He was always one of my favorite people.