Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kidisms so far...

One of the greatest things about working with second graders is conversation.  Every day one of them will say something that either confuses, amazes, or entertains me.  I have always wanted to record the things they say; but, the crazy pace of the day often leaves me with good intentions and a blank tablet.  So, I thought I would at least begin this year following through.  Here are are a few of the best from this week.

Blake:  "Mrs. Searls, this is the best school I have ever been to in my entire life and it is because you are the best teacher I have ever had... in my entire life!!"  My response, "Now Blake, you know you said the same thing last year to your first grade teacher, and to your kindergarten teacher before that, and you will say the same thing to your third grade teacher next year."  He grins and says, "I know.  But, I really mean it this year."

Justin: "Mrs. Searls, what's forty?"  I say, "Forty?  What do you mean?" Justin than says very loudly,  because obviously I didn't hear him; "You know, FORTY!"  Dumbfounded, I reply, "Uh, ten, twenty, thirty, forty?  Four tens?"  Confused, Justin says, "NO, 4-D! You know, like 3-D!"

During a math lesson on the addition strategy doubles, I say, "Okay, help me decide if each card is the sum for a double or non-double."  I show the class an Ace.  Everyone shouts, "Non double!"  Except for Daniels, who says, "No, that's a double."  Confused, I ask him to explain.  "You know, 1/2 plus 1/2 makes 1 whole!"

Dominique, who is a former student that is now in 5th grade saw me at the end of school.  He asks, "Mrs. Searls, have you been promoted yet?" Startled, I ask, "What; you mean to third grade?"  He nods his head yes, so I say, "No.  They won't promote me."  His face is crestfallen and he says to me, "Man, I was really hoping they would promote you to middle school before I go there!"

Kathleen, who happens to be half of a set of twins in my class, reads her "All About Me" information to the class,  "One of the things I absolutely hate is playing cars with my brother."  Her brother, the other twin pipes up, "Well, it is a lot better than playing Barbies with you!"

Madelyn asks,  "Mrs. Searls, when is lunch?"  I answer, "Lunch is at 11:20." She responds, "No, when is it?"  Again I say, "Lunch is at 11:20."  Madelyn attempts to explain, "No, I know what time lunch is, I need to know when it is."  Confused (again) I ask, "What do you mean?"  She explains, "I can't tell time on that clock, (analog) so I need to know when lunch is!"  I tell her it is in about 45 minutes and add, "You know, you better know how to use that clock by the end of the year!"  Her response, "Man! I wish you had a microwave in here!"

In the middle of putting supplies away, and getting everything labeled, I tell the class that their 1 box of markers will last them all year if they keep the caps on them.  I explain that they are water based, and if they leave the cap off the water inside will evaporate.  One of my little friends, Tyler, says to his neighbor, "Huh.  I wonder why the air isn't the color of the marker."  Luckily, his friend is confused and asks, "What??"  Tyler than says, "You know, evaporation!  When water turns into air!  So when the water in my blue marker dried up last year, the air should be blue!"  His little friend then says "Huh" but this time with deep understanding.

Just a sampling of why I love teaching second grade!!



Anonymous said...

Gwen- I love these! Some great things going on in your classroom already and it has only been a few days! Way to go!

I just might have to steal your idea!


Amanda said...

I loved these! After having my first week of school I'm getting so stoked to teach next semester! Thanks for sharing!
-Amanda Burr :-)

Sarah Harward said...

TOO FUNNY! Dominique and Kathleen were my favorites!! Although Madelyn and Justin remind me of many conversations I have with my kids every day!! When they just keep repeating the question until you understand what they're asking! So cute!

The monkey bunch said...

So cute! I love the little boys thoughts of why the air shouldn't be blue!

Larry said...

In the immortal words of Art Linkletter “Kids say the darndest things

Larry said...

In the immortal words of Art Linkletter “Kids say the darndest things

Carrie Fox said...

I loved the Cathryn and Christopher comments!