Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break day 3... On the Farm

This afternoon, Maggie and Sophie got to visit a farm.  One of the families from church live on a farm in Troy. Mary Garcia is also a facebook friend of ours.  She had posted pictures of her latest batch of baby goats, so Leslie asked if she could bring the girls out for a visit.  I found out and asked to tag along. Not only did we see goats, but the girls got to see two very large bulls!
Another young mother from church found out about the trip to the farm and asked if she could bring her girls.  The girls loved the entire experience.
At first, Maggie was a little timid.  She didn't get very close to the bulls, but she really liked the goats. 
There are 2 little ones that were rejected by their mother, so Mary bottle feeds them every day.  She explained that it actually is better for her because she can get them ready for sale faster that way.  They use the milk for ice cream, yogurt, and the family drinks the goats milk instead of cows milk.  She said she made cheese once, but it isn't worth the effort.
Sophie isn't much of a talker, but she managed to let us know that she was having a wonderful time.
One of the little girls that went with us loves animals.  I didn't get a picture of it, but she would put her face right into the face of the little goats and let them lick her.  She loved it!
These two goats in the foreground are carrying kids and will be giving birth in April.  We were invited back to see the new ones when they arrive.  I don't know how they could possibly be any more adorable than the little ones that the girls fed.
After the goats were fed, we went into the chicken yard.  The girls got to feed the chickens some pieces of bread.  The Garcia's don't have a huge flock of chickens; I think I counted about 12 - 14.  However, Mary is forever bringing in cartons of eggs for the members of the ward.  They are so fresh and tasty!
Once the pieces of bread were gone (and that happened quickly) the girls got to go inside the chicken coop.
There were 2 chickens that were in the process of laying eggs.  The girls got to see the eggs and take them from the nest. 
The eggs are beautiful shades of peach and green.  The girls were so excited about their eggs! Mary gave us each a dozen to take home with us.
I had to take a picture of the outside of their little farm house.  This is the new addition to the house!  It was built in 1946.  The house consists of 3 sections.  The oldest part is what the Garcia's have turned into their kitchen.  The next addition is now their living room.  This is the newest section and it is where the bedrooms and bathroom are located.  The stone walls are original and the living room walls are unfinished.  The stone is beautiful!  We all had such a wonderful afternoon. 

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Larry said...

Looks like you all are having a great time on your spring break. Whats on the agenda for day 4?