Sunday, March 20, 2011

And now, the end is near; and so I face the final curtain.

I love the song, "I Did it My Way."  It has a hauntingly sad melody, but I love the lyrics.  It has become my own personal mantra in some ways.  I want to end each experience knowing that I did it my way and feel satisfied with the results.  I think that's the case as Spring Break comes to an end. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done and most are marked off.

The List:
Spend some time with family.
Clean out all 5 of the flower beds.
Transplant ferns from the back flower bed to the side bed.
Remove the rambling rose bush.
Plant a few vegetables.
Replenish the mulch.
Clean the deck.
Get new deck furniture.
Wash down the exterior of the house.
Clean the sun porch windows.
Clean out the workshop.
Sort through plunder for bulk trash pick up.
Paint the master bathroom walls and woodwork.
Read at least 1 book.
Do at least 1 act of service.
Go out to dinner with friends.

As Saturday arrived, the only thing left to do was to clean the house and make a trip to the grocery store. I told Ron that I was pretty proud of myself because of all I accomplished.  I know that a lot of my co-workers went on mini-vacations, such as a quick trip to the beach or hopping on a cruise ship.  And, I know those things would probably be very relaxing; however, I can't explain how much better I think I feel after a week of hard work. And so Sunday arrives, Spring Break ends, and I can honestly say "I did it my way!"

But, since no post is complete without a few pictures; here are some I snapped this week.
Leslie, Rebea, Scott, and Ron sitting on the front porch...

Gerson, Maggie, Seth, and Ed sitting on the front porch...

Sophie enjoying a popsicle...

Sophie and Uncle Ryan (her most favorite person in the entire world!)...

Maggie checking the mail...

Ed and his new truck.

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