Tuesday, July 13, 2010

6 weeks: progress is much more obvious!

Dare I hope that I am on the mend??? Progress has been much more obvious this week and I am starting to get really excited about some day being normal again.
First sign of progress: I am driving again!
I have some trouble getting in and out of the vehicle; but, I am sure loving the freedom of being able to go where I want, when I want!
Second sign of progress: I keep forgetting my cane whenever I leave a room! That's a good thing, not a sign of senility. It means I am walking independently more and more. I do still wobble like one of those egg shaped toys, a Weeble, but I am happy.
Third sign: I don't look like I've been hit by a train!
I only have some slight shadows of bruising where I have had IV's or blood work done. And, all bruising from the surgery has finally disappeared!
Fourth and most obvious sign: I am productive again!
Leslie and I took advantage of a bulk produce order sponsored by the stake Relief Society. We thought it would arrive either a week earlier or a week later than it did. Unfortunately, it came while Leslie and G were on vacation in Puerto Rico. I thought about waiting to process the 2 bushels of green peppers, 2 crates of tomatoes, and 1 crate of pickling cucumbers until she got back. Unfortunately, freshness is pretty important for quality processing. I managed to chop and freeze 1 bushel of peppers, can all of the tomatoes, and make a batch of salsa. Leslie got back on Saturday so we finished up the pickles yesterday. (That was a smelly process!)

I didn't get pictures of the packaged peppers or the jars of pickles, but I am pretty proud of my pretty tomato jars!

This is what I started with....

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Sarah Harward said...

I'm pretty sure I would have just cried when all the produce arrived and Leslie was out of town! I don't do well working on my own though, and I still have my original hips!! Way to go!!