Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Refreshment...

Our lesson in Relief Society helped me look at New Year's Resolutions in a new way. I usually jokingly say the only resolution I have ever kept was the one I made to NEVER make resolutions! But, our teacher helped me see that resolutions shouldn't be viewed as something I will eventually end up not keeping; but rather a way to refresh myself.  She encouraged us to look at 4 areas of our lives: education, social, spiritual and physical, and find ways to refresh those areas to make them richer. By placing the emphasis on refreshing and revitalizing those areas, it changes a resolution from an unattainable NEW goal, into a continuation of your earthly progression.  So, the way I choose to refresh myself in the area of education is to learn something new. Nothing specific, and nothing planned; just to take advantage of experiences I have and gain knowledge from them.  In the area of social, I choose to refresh my free time by spending more of it with friends and family, and less of it consumed with work.  In the area of spiritual, I choose to delve more deeply in scripture study and actively participate in the Gospel Doctrine lessons on the Old Testament.  And finally in the area of physical, I choose to find a good beautician and stop taking chances on whoever is available at JC Penny's salon!

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