Sunday, September 20, 2009

My favorite little man...

Having a class full of students that are close in age to Seth, makes me a better teacher. Each time I begin to lose patience or expect too much of one of my babies, I think of Seth. I ask myself, "Would you want Seth's teacher acting like this?" It has helped me appreciate the challenges of teaching instead of being overwhelmed or frustrated by them. Some of the things my students like to share with me are the latest scores from the last game their team played, the latest competition that their tumbling group held, their fastest time in their swimming trials, or just some goofy thing they have done at home. It is an exciting age to teach because so many things are new to them: the first lost tooth, the first time they rode their bike, the first time they tied their shoes alone, etc. Those little milestones are so precious to them and to me. I am so honored to be a small part in their little worlds.
I thought I would go through my pictures of Seth and find some pictures of his milestones. Here you see his jack-o-lantern smile, trying to tie Maggie's shoes, playing his first football game of the season, and chilling out at Schliterbahn. I sure love that little man.

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HollyDolly said...

he is so much like ryan and scott that it's hard to believe he's becca's! hahaha! only kidding. always a good kid to have around.