Sunday, September 20, 2009

From tape to stickers...

When Ryan was a tike and Scott was a toddler, I had to travel to Germany to join Ron for a 3 year assignment. The one thing that kept Scott occupied on that horrible flight was a roll of scotch tape. I would pull of a piece, stick it somewhere on his face, and he would spend between 15 & 30 minutes peeling it off, repositioning it, and wadding it up. I didn't mind; it kept him busy.
Since that time, I have tried to entertain the all other toddlers using the same cheap form of entertainment. It hasn't been nearly as enthralling for them as it was for Scott.
With the grandkids, I have graduated from scotch tape to the left over portion of a sticker page. Recently, Maggie was visiting and had used all the stickers on a sticker sheet when I started pulling off the remaining border material and sticking it all over my face. Maggie wasn't really sure she liked Mimi with all that stuff on her face. But, she enjoyed pulling it all off!

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HollyDolly said...

and then there's little mags. she makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes every time we go to leslie's and g's. i love how she yells my name and hugs me every single time i walk through the door. such a doll!