Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hate my camera and I am blogging anyway...

I really don't like my camera. It was wonderful in its day, but with all the tech advances there have been since we bought it, the thing is like a dinosaur. Unfortunately, I have used it as an excuse to not blog. I know there are not unwritten laws regarding blogs and pictures, but I love seeing them on other people's blogs. It is my goal to go shopping with Scott now that he is home and buy myself a new camera.
Anyway, here is a quick run down on what is happening in the Searls household.
1) School is back in full swing. I have 19 curious, sweet, and relatively well behaved second graders plus a new curriculum to learn. Nothing like keeping the brain challenged. Still teaching RS on Sundays and hosting a gospel study enrichment group in my home once a month.
2) Ron is back from Phoenix and Little Rock, but on his way to Colorado Springs. While he is home, he helps to coach Seth's football team and stays busy with the "Old Geezers" at church.
3) The folks are great. Dad has been feeling fairly well lately and Mom says he is getting a lot of little things done around the house. Mom is still working on tons of quilting projects and staying busy with the bee and guild.
4) The kids are all busy: Ryan working and preparing to relocate to Costa Rica to teach English. Scott back from Iraq and considering becoming a fireman/paramedic. Becca & Ed: battling a mortgage company that has gone bankrupt. (Lots of worry on that front!) Leslie and G: enjoying a growing family and redecorating their bedroom.
5) The grandkids are beautiful and growing: Seth in 3rd. grade and playing football. Maggie: a big sister and chattering away in Spanish. Sophie: getting so round, plump and sweeter each day.
Now, that should hold me until I get a decent camera. Here are a few of the most recent pictures taken with the old camera.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the update. I love hearing what you and the family's up to. I get so busy in my simple little life that I love to hear about the eventful lives of others. I hope to see you the first of November when Larry and I plan to visit......

Sarah Harward said...

Yeah for an update! It's been a month you know ;) I totally know what you mean about feeling like you need pictures. And I didn't realize Ryan was really moving to Costa Rica! I saw that on his facebook page but I thought it was a joke or something. That's so exciting!!

AZBabs said...

Great update! It's been a while since I shopped for a camera but I still like Nikon. I have always been very pleased with their quality output and simplicity of use. We're heading your way tomorrow, so hope to see you soon.