Sunday, April 1, 2012


It is amazing how quickly sweet moments with my grandchildren seem to fly by.  Now that Seth is older, we don't see him nearly as often as we used to.  I knew that time would come and am so thankful that I took advantage of having him come visit whenever the opportunity was available.  I can't wait for summer to get here.  I have a few projects in mind that I think Seth will really enjoy. In the meantime, I am taking advantage of every moment I can to spend time with Sophie and Maggie. Because, the time will also come much too quickly when they will grow and be too busy to spend time at Mimi and Poppy's house.  
Here is just a sampling of some of the moments we have spent together recently.

During Spring Break, Ron and I worked on repairing some of the damage the drought caused in the yard.  Toward the end of the week, Leslie and Gerson decided to take a trip to Marble Falls and Inks Lake.  They invited us to tag along.

Here are some pictures taken in Marble Falls...

Sophie was a little grumpy about having an empty berry box.
She didn't have the patience to fill it herself so let Poppy and I
take it off her hands.

Maggie enjoyed the berry picking much more than Sophie.
She was so eager to pick, it didn't matter what size or
color her berries were!

Poppy and I grabbed our sweet grand babies for
a photo moment in front of the barn.

Sophie was fascinated with the horns on the goats at the
petting park.  She was also a little worried about the goat's
neck getting stuck in the fence.

Maggie loved the drooping ears on the little goats.  She remembered
visiting our friend Mary Garcia, and her wonderful farm.
Maggie wants to go back and see the spring animals.

Poppy helped the girls get into the cars on the tractor train.
Sophie wasn't too wild about going alone.  Gerson had gone
back to the car and we were a little worried about Poppy
trying to get into the cart with her!

Luckily, Gerson got back in time to climb aboard with the
girls and go along for the ride.

A new attraction that was a big hit for the girls was a jump park.
I don't know exactly how this thing worked, but they loved it!

All I could think of while they were jumping was, isn't this where the
blackberries are supposed to be?!??!?

Recently, soccer season has started up again.  Maggie was actually too old for the indoor age group; but because Gerson agreed to coach again, they let him have Maggie on his team.  I never thought I would say, "Maggie is the biggest kid on her team!"

Here is a picture taken at her first game.

Her optic yellow shirt actually looks great with her dark skin.

I love baking cinnamon rolls!  Conference weekend is the perfect time to make them.  We don't have to be at church early because general conference is on the BYU channel.  We invited Leslie and her little family up for brunch.  We had scrambled eggs, fruit salad, biscuits, gravy, and these delicious rolls.  Everything tasted yummy!

Maggie said they are even better than Ikea's...

After eating, we watched the first Sunday session together.

Gerson was a little too excited...

Sophie made herself comfortable in my recliner... sipping orange juice
(a benefit of being potty trained is NOT getting a horrible rash from
orange juice anymore), and playing with stickers.

Leslie had Maggie all prepared with her conference packet (Bingo, color the apostle's tie,
match the picture with the speaker, etc.).
Soon, summer will be here (less than 45 school days left) and I hope to have even more precious moments with the most important people in my life.


The monkey bunch said...

How many more years are you teaching? Those are some cute grandkids!

Rachel Holloway said...

I would LOVE to go to that berry place! My kiddos would be in HEAVEN! I love that you live close to your sweet grandkiddos. Oh how I wish my mom could be here for mine. There is so mething SO special it!