Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another cute craft idea that I "borrowed"...

One of my favorite blogs belongs to the daughter of a dear friend.  Deb Kress is one of those "Super Moms."  She works as a trauma nurse, is the wife of a soldier, and is raising 4 terrific kids.  She fills her blog with tidbits of her creativity.  I will be honest and admit that I "borrow" quite a few ideas from her.  This is just one of them
Deb had this really cute printer's tray craft. Her tray is super cute with a curvy little handle on top, and larger compartments.  I looked online for one, but was to cheap to buy one.
Last fall, the girls and I went to the Bell County Yard Sale at the Expo center and I found this little shadow box priced at $5.00.  I got they little old man to take $3.00 for it and snapped it up.
I removed a couple of the dividers to make some larger sections, then spray painted it with a hammered pewter paint.

Around Christmas time, there was a scrapbook paper sale at Michaels' Arts & Crafts.  They were selling pre-made seasonal kits for 70% off. I picked up one for the 4th of July, Halloween, Winter, Easter, and Halloween.  
This past Sunday, I managed to put the Halloween inserts together.  I also "borrowed" Deb's idea of not putting them in permanently so that I can replace them each season.  However, after trying to pull one out to redo it, I don't know how great they will look when I remove them.  I hope they come out easily enough that I can use them again next year.
 The cute little easel was another bargain that I managed to snap up.  Leslie and I both got $10 off gift cards for the new KOHL'S department store that recently opened in Temple.  We waited until the last minute (literally, we went over late the evening that the card was due to expire) and went over to redeem our gift cards.  I found this cute easel for $12.99.  I figured with my gift card I would only pay around $3.00 for it!  I was thrilled when I checked out and the sales clerk told me that is was reduce 50%, so I got it for free!!
So, here is the finished product, sitting on my super cute easel in the living room.  Now, if I can manage to keep Maggie and Sophie from pulling everything out to play with them, I've really accomplished something!  Thanks, Debbie!! 


The monkey bunch said...

Your welcome- but of course most of my ideas are stolen as well. I rarely come up with a new idea. This is a Kerri Bradford idea.
I haven't done mine the past couple of seasons- too busy! Your's looks super cute!

Kathy said...

So cute. I am sure I have an old shadow box from Germany around here somewhere. Maybe I will do it for Christmas. Is it 3D or is each compartment just the Halloween paper? Super cute! Thanks for sharing.