Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sophie turns two!!!

Our youngest grandchild, Sophie Lyn, turns two on the 29th.  Leslie had a family gathering on Monday night to celebrate.  Here are a few pictures from the party.   
Sophie invited Owen to the party.  They ate hot dogs, watermelon, baked beans and chips.

Dessert was a yummy cupcake cake!
Opening gifts was a blast!  Here are a few of her gifts.
Her cute, pink sandals! She had to put them on right out of the box.

She loved how they looked!

Aunt B gave her a Princess dress up box.

I don't remember who got her the Dora guitar...

Seth got her a box of Tinkerbell band-aids.  She LOVES band-aids!

Maggie got her a unicorn Pillow Pet...

She got some cool sunglasses, a sun hat, and some super cute pj's from Owen...

And our present was a blue Beta fish.  We had asked her what she wanted and all she said was "blue."  Hence, the blue Beta named Goldie!

After presents, she got to whack the tar out of a pinata... a family tradition at the Gutierrez house!
Lots of fun at a special party for a very special little girl.  Happy Birthday, Sophie Lyn!!

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