Saturday, June 18, 2011

Faces of summer...

I agree with the belief that you can tell a lot about peoples' thoughts from the looks on their faces.  Here is the proof.  

  I call this my "I look like Joaquin Phoenix!"face.  My niece, Sarah, makes these cool hats.  I saw it on her blog and knew I needed one for crazy hat day.  Thanks, Sarah!

This is Sophie's Cheeto's face.  Ryan and Scott started giving the girls Cheeto's lately.  
I think it is because they love the orange finger effect. 

This is Seth's "What, I'm not teasing Maggie!" face.  He is usually very sweet with the girls, but from time to time he gets a little ornery.

This is Maggie's "I will eat this candy because you told me to Mimi, but I really don't like it!" face.  I gave her a War Head.  She never did develop a taste for them.

This is Seth's "Come on in! The water's fine!" face that he had when the water was still not quite warm enough for my taste. 

This is Maggie's "I am a little bit afraid of the water, so I think I will hang out here on the ladder." face.  Hopefully, her fear of the water will fade as the summer goes on.

This is Sophie's "I don't want to get out! I'm not hungry!" face.  This girl is a little fish!

And the final face is Sophie's "You can't see me! We are playing hide-and-seek and you can't see me 'cause I'm under the quilt!" face.  

Sweet faces that I love soooo much!!

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Sarah Harward said...

So glad you got the hat, and I'm so sorry I thought I had sent it forever ago, and didn't! I hope it fits okay. It looks great! And what sweet little faces!!