Saturday, May 7, 2011


When Rebecca was a junior in high school, she went into the garage one morning and discovered a stray dog.  She ended up adopting the stray, calling her Pepe, and falling in love with the thing. Pepe proved to be a wicked little mongrel that drove everyone crazy except for Becca.  Unfortunately, Pepe was hit by a car and it devastated Bec.  We decided to try to help her overcome her grief by getting her a new dog.  We hit the shelters one weekend when the local shelters were having a Fuzzy Friends Adoption weekend.  Becca didn't find a replacement for her dog, but I found Daisy.
Daisy was one of a litter that had been abandoned at the front door of a local vet clinic.  When I saw her, I thought her markings reminded me a lot of Pepe.  I picked her up and carried her around while Becca looked at the other dogs.  She never found one she wanted, but by the time we were ready to go, Daisy had snuggled her way into my heart.
She wasn't a small puppy, by any stretch of the imagination; but, from the moment I picked her up I knew she had a gentle soul.  Her enormous paws were dwarfed by her huge, sad eyes and sloppy kisses.  
We had Daisy as part of our lives for 12 years, which is unusual for a large breed.  We used to joke that she was immortal.  Unfortunately, for the past few months I have had that nagging feeling that Daisy's time with us was coming to an end.  I think it was the Spirit's way of preparing me for Thursday when Ron came home from work and found her laying on her bed as if asleep.  Sweet Daisy had decided to stay asleep. 
I don't understand many of the mysteries of life, but I believe that all things were created spiritually before they were created temporally. I also believe that God places these gentle souls in our care to make us better people.  
I will be forever grateful for picking up that special little puppy so many years ago. I miss her, but know that she is cavorting with Burgess and making friends with Pepe, Bodo, Jack, Tara, Charlie, Molly, and all the many other furry friends that have passed through our lives.  
Daisy, you are loved and missed.

The family with Daisy at Christmas, 2009

Always mindful of the grandkids, Daisy patiently endured their wrestling and romping.

Even as she aged, and the number of grandchildren increased, Daisy remained forever patient and gentle.

We used to joke about how she was a big, furry, bag of duh.  I think she was much wiser than all of us.

Daisy often endured many moments of humiliation for the sake of the grandkids.

When I walked her, the leash was pulled so tight, I wondered if it would snap.  But with the grandkids, she simply plodded along.

Daisy, and ever present and watchful playmate.

Sometimes, a little too affectionate.

Sleep well, Daisy girl.

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Sarah Harward said...

Such a sweet tribute to her! Hope you're doing all right.