Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some more stuff...

When I was posting about the remodel of the Temple house, I neglected to add a picture of the wonderful toy box that Scott built for me.  I had been keeping the grandkid's toys in Rubbermaid tubs on the sun porch.  Unfortunately, the number of toys kept growing and the size of some of them made it difficult to store them in a tub.  

One day, I told Scott I wanted a window seat that could double as a toy box.  Being the creative genius he is, this is what he made for me.

It has several storage compartments inside it so I am able to keep the toys somewhat sorted.  The books and games go in one compartment. Seth's sports equipment and trucks go in another, and the girls' things fill the last two.  I love it!

Recently, Valentine's day arrived and I made goodie bags to give to the students in my class.  Some things were left over, so I put them in the candy jar I keep on the counter in the kitchen.  
One day last weekend, I was holding Sophie on my lap as she watched a Max and Ruby DVD and ate some of the Valentine candy.  After a bit, she started to be very quiet and had quit moving around.  I glanced down to see that she had drifted off to sleep, her sucker was stuck to her still curved (and very sticky) fingers.  So cute!

Maggie had made Valentine cards for Ron and I.  She brought them over after church on Sunday and we  made a fuss about how cute they were, what a good job she did, and how much we loved them. 
Later that evening, Ron and I went in for prayer before bed only to discover that Maggie had taken the cards into the bedroom and placed them on our night stands.  What a sweetie!

And last but not least, I couldn't let the month of February pass without posting my favorite picture of Ron and I.  It was taken a few years ago at Leslie and G's wedding.  I keep meaning to get a copy of it made and framed for the house, but never seem to get around to it. 
I am so lucky to have Ron for a husband.  He keeps me grounded, forces me to step outside my selfish comfort zone, and is a wonderful example of the true spirit of giving and serving.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sugarbear!

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