Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow day...

This is what we woke up to on Friday morning.
I don't like snow days.  It just means we have to give up one of our bad weather make up days, which are ALWAYS at the end of the year when you really, really, really appreciate a day off.
But, snow is always a favorite with little ones...

except for Sophie.  She did not like the snow. 

Maggie on the other hand, loved it.

She and Poppy tried to play in the snow, but it was a dry and powdery consistency which did not lend itself well to snowballs.  They opted instead to tossing around a rubber ball.

This is as far as I got in the snow.  I didn't think taking a chance with the ice would be appreciated by my new hip.

The only family member that didn't seem to mind the cold and snow were Gniles and Gnorman.  Luckily, the snow was gone when I got up this morning!

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The monkey bunch said...

Oh, I love snow days- no getting up at 6 am! So nice!