Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Listen to the still small voice...

Life sometimes has a way of getting so busy and hectic, that recognizing prompting of the Holy Ghost can easily be overlooked. But, when I do heed those promptings I am filled with wonder and gratitude. I feel like I need to share one recent event in which I did not ignore those promptings.
I usually leave for work at 6:15. This makes it possible for me to miss most of the heavy traffic that drives into Fort Hood. As I drive, I drink a travel mug of either juice or hot chocolate, and eat a couple of toaster waffles. On Tuesday morning, I started my normal routine of filling my travel mug and getting the toaster out, but as I reached for the toaster, I had a strong impression that I needed to go to the trouble of making breakfast and sitting down to eat it. I thought about the fact that I have hallway duty this week, the graded papers that needed to be filed, and almost talked myself into leaving at my normal time. But, the prompting came again and I put the toaster away, got out what was needed to sit and eat breakfast.
I ended up leaving the house at 6:35. I glanced at the clock on my dashboard as I drove out of the garage and instead of feeling a little concerned because I was getting such a late start, I felt unusually calm.
When I drive into school from Temple, I take a county road instead of driving on the state highway. This also helps me miss the majority of the post-bound traffic. At one point on the road, there is a steep down grade that ends in a blind curve. As I drove down the road, I notice that the oncoming traffic was flashing their lights. I was annoyed at first because I thought it was just a bunch of dummies that mistook my nifty VW headlights for high beams. But, as I rounded the curve at the bottom of the down grade, I saw the aftermath of a fairly bad accident. A utility truck, an SUV, and 2 sedan's were involved; scattered along the sides of the road. Shocked by the sudden appearance of so many wrecked vehicles and debris on the normally empty road, I realized that had I left at my normal time, I could easily have been one more vehicle crumpled at the side of the road. The joy that filled my heart and mind as I realized that the Holy Ghost had protected me from this accident was indescribable. I am so thankful for this precious gift.

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Kathy said...

Love this. I find it hard to tell if it is a prompting or just my nervousness, but I am trying to act upon it, regardless. Thanks for sharing