Monday, August 9, 2010

Uncle Eddie...

My oldest daughter, Rebecca, has been married to Edward Joseph Castello for 10 years now. They were married on Grandma Shirley's birthday, and I think Becca did that on purpose so that her forgetful mother wouldn't forget her anniversary.
If I had to pick a husband for Rebecca, it would have been Ed. He is the perfect match for Becca because he seems to be her polar match in all areas. They compliment each other so well.
Ed works overseas; coming home every 6 months or so for some time with the family. He recently got home and we went up for a potluck dinner and some swim time.

Becca does such a wonderful job of holding down the fort while Ed is away. She sometimes takes on some pretty big challenges, just to make Ed happy. She oversaw the entire construction of their house, starting with drawing up the floor plans and purchasing the property. Another of the things she did, was put in an above ground pool. And I do mean, SHE put it in. She had some help, but most of the hard construction work was taken care of by Becca. She is an amazingly independent woman and I am very proud of her.

Miss Maggie Lyn LOVES Uncle Eddie! While we were visiting, Maggie played in the pool with her "favorite uncle" and kept asking for doughnuts. I couldn't figure out why, until Becca told me it was because of the tattoo on Ed's stomach. It is of the words, Fat Boy and the o in boy is a doughnut. Crazy Maggie!

Sophie is at that age where she is still a little stand-offish. Is that actually a word? Anyway, she enjoyed watching the other kids play with Ed and Becca in the pool. She finally got in once her Dad decided to swim.

But, the person that enjoys having Ed home the MOST, is Seth. He is the spitting image of his dad and I love watching them interact. He is especially excited that Dad will be home for Meet the Teacher night, and the beginning of football season. Isn't that the face of a happy little boy?

We all know how hard it is for anyone to find a descent paying job in this economy. I know that the time Ed is working overseas is not easy for anyone in Becca's little family. We all hope that this will be the last year that Ed works overseas.

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Becca Castello said...

I love everything about this blog.....EXCEPT the pic of me! Love you!