Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to school again...

Another school year is about to start. I am teaching in second grade again this year. I will have the dyslexic students in my class again. Hopefully, now that I have actually attended the dyslexia conference, I will be able to better meet their needs.

Here is a quick picture tour of my classroom.

This is the view of the room as you enter the classroom. I use tables with seat sacks as opposed to desks. I have found that missing assignments are no longer a problem because there is nowhere for the papers to get lost! The usual number of students in my class each year is around 20 - 21.

Moving on around the room, this is the view from the corner near the guided reading table. You can see the student cubbies, mail box and student tables.

This is my guided reading area where I do most of my small group instruction. I don't have a teacher's desk. I found that I never sat at the thing and it ended up being a dump zone.
This is the math center. The drawers will contain separate activities/assignments. Materials for math activities are kept in the two shelves to the right.
These are the tubs for my literacy centers. Students work in small groups on assignments that cover anything from word work to comprehension skills. I also include center activities that review science and social studies lessons. The tubs are taken to the tables and worked on while I do small group instruction.
Here are the student mailboxes and the center folder storage boxes. As the activities in the center tubs are finished, the students file them inside their folders. At the end of the week they turn in the folders and I grade them in time to be "mailed" home the following Thursday.
This is my shared reading area and where the class gathers for most whole group instruction.
This is the classroom library from the outside...
Inside view of the classroom library...

And another view of the classroom library.
So, this is where I spend the majority of my time from August until June.


Kathy said...

Love it! Wish my house looked so organized. Your students are very lucky to have such an organized teacher. Here's to a Great year!!

KID, MD said...

It looks very fun, and I am impressed with how well thought out!