Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moving to Temple, again...

About two years ago, Ron and I bought a home in Temple, Texas.  We had to do a lot of painting, stripping of wallpaper, and replacing of floors.  It still has a few things that we need to take care of, but in time we will get it all done.
Now, we are working on a different house.  Leslie and G found a great fixer-upper here in Temple.
The house was being remodeled by an older couple that ended up getting a divorce.  It was sold as-is to avoid foreclosure.  It didn't have any flooring in the family room, entry way, or formal living room.  But, the guys managed to put down laminate flooring in the living room and hope to get the family room done next.
The kitchen was basically an empty shell. However, by law a house can't be sold without a stove or sink so the sellers put those things in.  Leslie has painted the walls, but left the walls white where they hope to some day put cabinets.
They still have a lot of work ahead of them, but I think they will have a wonderful home n which to raise their little family.
The best part is that it is in a wonderful, well established neighborhood only two blocks away from our house.  


Kathy said...

2 BLOCKS!! You lucky duck. That would be my dream, to have my kids so close, forever!! I am green with envy. Yeah for you!

Steven and Eunice said...

Wow! Is that house off of Canyon Creek? It just looks so familiar.