Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates on the family....

Ron: Left for Phoenix today; gone for 10 days.
Gwen: Shopping (yuck) for work clothes and school supplies.
Ryan: Still hoping the geology field will open up; exploring other options.
Scott: His footlocker is home; he will follow soon!
Rebecca: The pool is up; Ed is home; all is right with her world :-)
Edward: Home from Iraq for R&R.
Seth: Spent 2 days with Mimi this past week; fun!
Leslie: Still getting used to having 2 little ones to care for; not going back to work any time soon.
Gerson: Still working for Time Warner, playing soccer.
Maggie: Potty trained!
Sophie: Brown eyes :-(
Daisy: getting old.
Buddy: Missing Ron

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La Familia Gutierrez said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! It totally made me laugh! especially the sophie part :)