Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching up...

The family has had a super busy month! Consequently, every time I sat down to blog I would get overwhelmed by how much there was to post. That would lead to no post at all. So, here is a whole bunch of nonsense.
Family Reunion Aftermath:
Once the reunion ended, I needed to start my annual summer cleaning. During the school year, I never have time for the heavy cleaning such as windows, baseboards, curtains, etc. It took me a whole week to get the house as clean as I wanted it to be. Now, the windows & curtains can collect dirt until Christmas break. It was also time to clean out closets, drawers, and files. I spent one day just shredding paperwork! Nothing feels as good as getting the house clean and organized.
Sophie Lyn's Arrival:
Leslie's doctor decided to induce her labor a few weeks early because her blood pressure was starting to get too high. So, on June 29th Sophie was born. She is a cute little thing. I don't really think she looks that much like Maggie, but then Maggie was soooo tiny and not nearly as chubby. Maggie and cousin Seth both adore her and are so sweet and gentle around her. We are just thrilled to have such healthy, beautiful grandchildren.
Baby Quilts:
I started a quilt for Sophie before she was born. However, once it was finished, I decided I really didn't like it that much. So, I decided to finish it anyway and give it to Leslie's best friend for her new baby boy, Owen. It worked out okay because I used bright primary colors in a pinwheel pattern. Then, I spent some time rummaging through quilting magazines to find some possible alternatives. I finally found a beautiful pink quilt that will be a bit of a challenge for me. It is made of batik fabric using circles so it has the illusion of large flowers. I haven't started it yet, because it is one I will need help from Mom with. The third quilt is for the neighbors across the street. They just had a new baby girl named Rebecca. I have taken picture of the Sophie quilt in the magazine and the quilt for Rebecca, but I have the quilt for Owen in the machine and it is at my shop. I will post a picture of them all again once they are quilted and bound.
July 4th:
Initially, we had decided we were going to spend the holiday at Becca's house. She was scheduled to have her pool up and running by then so we figured we would grill up some food, swim, and then from her back yard we could see the fireworks display being put on at the city park. However, several factors messed up those plans. First, Sophie arrived earlier that was expected. Second, the ONE day of rain and less than 100 degree weather delayed Becca's pool. Third, Ryan had to work on the 4th. So, we collectively agreed to not do anything. But, to make a long story short, we ended up having a spur of the moment celebration at Leslie and G's house. We threw together a meal with whatever was in Becca, Leslie, and my kitchens; spent some time in the pool, and then drove over to watch the fireworks on Ft. Hood. It was a bittersweet day though. Missing my sons in Iraq always puts a damper on things.
All in all, June ended up being a very productive month.

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