Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ron is home!

Yesterday was a busy day. Actually, it started the night before. Leslie decided to come over and stay the night because G went to Mexico for the weekend. (Not really Mexico, but as close as you can get without getting your feet wet.) That night, Maggie was as sick as a dog, throwing up every 2 hours. So without much sleep, Saturday seemed very long. After sanitizing the house, I had a quilt in the machine that needed to be done. During my quilting, Ron called to say that he got on an earlier flight and would be in Killeen 4 hours earlier than expected. Unfortunately, just because he got on an earlier flight it didn't mean his bags did. So after grabbing some dinner and visiting family, we managed to pick up his suitcase and got home around 10:00. It is great to have him home again.


Kathy said...

Do you find that it is hard to have the hubby gone after having them home for so long? I don't like it, at all, when Larry is gone. Glad he is home safe and sound.

Sarah Harward said...

Wow! He was gone for a long time! Glad he's finally back!!

lucky number seven said...

leslie told me all about maggie being sick and in turn, making her sick. don't you just love it?!? i was sick for two days last week, also. it wasn't fun!