Sunday, February 1, 2009

My friend Barbara

I have a friend named Barbara. I have known Barb for almost 11 years now. She and I worked together at 2 of the schools in the district and share a love for Apple computers and quilting. While Barbara goes for art form quilts and dying her own fabric, and I enjoy the more traditional forms of quilting; we have enjoyed many wonderful quilt shows together. We have even stumbled our way through some classes that yielded some very different looking quilts. Barbara is very opinionated, outspoken, and totally honest. Whenever I needed a level-headed listener, she was always there for me. I have missed her a lot since she retired and moved to AZ. (Thank goodness for email!) For the past year, Barbara has been an inspiration for me. She has been battling ovarian cancer, and for a short while, was joined in that battle by her mother. Sadly, Mom lost her battle and Barbara continues on in her memory. However, if anyone can beat this disease, it will be Barbara. Each time I get a message from Barbara or speak with her on the phone, I marvel at her positive attitude and her willingness to embrace each new form of treatment full of hope and determination. It saddens me that I am not closer to her and able to lend a helping hand when it is needed. So, I hope that in some small way this tribute to her will strengthen her. Barb, if you are reading this know that you are loved and in our prayers.


Barbara said...


What a surprise when I looked at your blog today, You made the tears well up. Now that's not doing anything for my "tough girl" exterior!! I am receiving new treatment at the Cancer Center in Chicago and I have great hope that it will rid me of these hideous tumors. The facility and people there are wonderful and treat the whole person, not just the disease. The one bad thing about all of this is that it is truly winter there-COLD-and that is something I'm not used to anymore! Just before my journey north I played with a new media - oil paintstiks. I decorated my computer bag just to test them out. Love to you and yours and thank you for the wonderful tribute.

Kathy said...

Larry using Kathy's account: Barbara sounds like a great person. We all need great people in our life. They give us strenght that we can tap into when we are having our own little pitty parties! Hang in their Barbara, you are a example to more people than you realize.