Sunday, December 21, 2008

Graduation & Birthday Celebrations...

What a busy 2 weeks! It started on the 11th when the family all headed to Canyon TX for Ryan's graduation. Becca took Seth out of school and I took Friday off because it is a 7 1/2 hour drive. We decided to break it into 2 days, which made it much easier on all of us. Ryan graduated from West Texas A&M University on Saturday the 13th. It was a wonderful trip filled with lots of laughter, good food, and great company. Ryan was so excited and so happy to finally be finished! I am posting 2 pictures of the grad; one with his diploma and one at the Big Texan Steak House. If you ever pass through Amarillo, it is a MUST stop!
Then this Saturday was Maggie's 2nd. birthday. All of her cousins were there and she got lots of Dora presents. Everyone whacked the tar out of the Swiper pinata and enjoyed the afternoon at the local inflatable center. It is so hard to believe she is two already!

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Kathy said...

What fun! Birthday and graduation NOW Christmas!! You are quite the woman. We are happy for Ryan and Maggie is beautiful.