Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ron and I celebrate Christmas by hosting a family gathering at our home on Christmas. Ron and I have long believed that our adult children need to establish their own Christmas day tradition of having their little ones wake up in their own home and open presents from Santa. We are so lucky to have our married children living close enough that we can do that. Plus, we have the added benefit of having a nice, quite Christmas morning alone. Later in the day, we will drive to our daughter's homes and let the little ones share their loot with us.
Last night the family gathered and we exchanged gifts using a Chinese gift exchange. Each person purchased a $20.00 gift and we took turns selecting and swapping gifts. Here is a list of the final exchanges. Dad - emergency roadside kit, Mom-body pillow and pillow case, Ron - digital photo ornament, Gwen - WTAMU tee shirt and cap, Ryan - Walmart gift card and chocolate covered cherries, Becca - the same, G - complete car care kit, Leslie - label maker, batteries, and extra label tape, Seth - 4 DVD's. We all had a great time and enjoyed the laughter as the favored gifts were snatched up by someone else. Maggie didn't quite know what to think of opening all of those not so fun presents.
Ron and I also give the kids the same gift each year. They get a bath towel set and a pair of flannel PJ pants. Last year we didn't exchange gifts because of the trip to the condo in Colorado so I think they were happy to get the new towels and pants.
The best part of Christmas eve was talking to Scott. He called in the afternoon when everyone was at the house and he was able to talk to all of us, even Grandma and Grandpa. He sounds a little lonely but is otherwise healthy and safe. Great news! The powers that be are thinking he might be home for good by the end of July or early August! I will try very hard to not get my hopes up too high.
All in all a great Christmas eve. I think the last picture I am posting of Maggie's huge yawn says it all. Merry Christmas everyone!

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