Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grandkids: what fun!

Friday was the premier of Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa. Ron and I took the grandkids to see the "moomie", as Maggie would say. They both enjoyed the film but I think Maggie would have been just as happy watching Monsters, Inc. at home. We went to the 4:00 showing at the theater in Harker Heights. Amazingly enough it was not crowded at all. The added benefit of going to the theater there is running across one or two of my students. They always act so surprised that Mrs. Searls actually has a normal life! Then,
Saturday we went up to Gatesville for the end of the football season celebration. Seth's team was undefeated and won the championship game. Becca hosted the party at her house. Ron and G were the grill masters, the kids played in a bounce house and smashed a couple of pinatas. All in all they had a great time. The pictures I am attaching were taken during the season. Are you surprised that our team had the wildest fans? Seth is number 61. He did fairly well for a gentle giant.

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