Sunday, October 28, 2018

Getting the Property Ready for the RV

      Now that the house in Temple is sold, Ron and I need to focus on getting our pad in for our new home on wheels. Scott has graciously taken in his “homeless” parents while we get the drive and pad for the RV built. Built really doesn’t seem like the right word because there is more tearing down taking place than building up.
      At this point in time, we have hired someone to do the work; however, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. The guy was out last week and started the parking area in front of Scott’s barn but had to stop after an hour. The ground was just too wet. Then on Saturday, the family all came over to help cut and burn trees to save us some time and money. We all ended up muddy messes! However, the granddaughters had a blast climbing trees, making mud pies, and building with random pieces of junk.
      We are hopeful the work can resume tomorrow. We’ve had 4 days without rain and the ground seems to be drying up on the surface. Unfortunately, it may be another story about 6 inches down.
I figured I better get some before pictures loaded onto the blog . . . Just in case!

Ron and Scott decided we needed and additional parking area.
They are going to have the dirt guy put in a gravel pad
that's large enough for 3 cars to park here. They also want to
set the car port over in this area. It was at the end of the current drive.
This was the muddy mess the dirt guy made on his first attempt. But,
he did manage to get that brute of a boulder out that the
kids fought with on our Saturday workday.
Scott rigged up a hoist to pull the stakes out of the car port. He sure is
a lot like my Dad. I guess he learned his lesson well when Grandpa was
teaching him about tools and building. This thing worked great!
Some of the stakes were about 2 feet long. Luckily, they came out easily.
When the family was here, we use Egyptian engineering to
move the carport into the front yard. Using the aluminum tubing,
we rolled the carport down the drive and into the yard.
Even the grands helped by grabbing the tubes and moving them to the front. The guys
drove the riding mowers up onto the frame; just in case we get some
strong wind before we can anchor it in the new location.
There used to be a really nice deck here. Scott built it when we put
up the above ground pool. He intends to put another pool
up on the west end of the property but will build a new
I helped him tear down the deck and put the boards that are in good shape
down on the west end. He is going to repurpose them as a loafing shed
for the mowers, tools, chicken feed, and coop bedding.
I had to add a picture of my girls.
Such pretty birds! But, man is their run a muddy mess!
This is the area where we will park the RVs. It is already
nice and level because it is where the pool used to be. The loop of the
drive will be in the grassy area beyond the 2 trees.
This end of the driveway will most certainly come out. The
new drive will go back into the cedars. The dirt guy has
some sort of attachment to cut the cedar down.
He'll then move them to the west end where the burn area is.
This is our burn area on the west side of the property.
Eventually, Scott wants to put in a fire pit, grilling
area, tables with benches and swings.
The pool will be here as well. I think I'm going to
get the grands a trampoline for Christmas and put
it down here somewhere.
Scott tried his hand at making rusting benches out of
the trees they cut down. They are perfect for the grands to roast
hot dogs and make Smore's.

Hopefully, the next post on the blog will have some "during" pictures. I'm not looking forward to the mud and mess of construction. I'm also not looking forward to keeping the two crazy dogs cooped up while the guy is working. But, hopefully, he will be ready for gravel to be brought in by Wednesday. Fingers crossed!!

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