Thursday, May 31, 2018

De-cluttering and Re-doing: Master Bedroom

As Ron and I began to consider moving into an RV full time, I realized that we have a lot of crap to get rid of before that can EVER happen! Since January, we have given away furniture, tools, household items, holiday decor, and assorted plunder. Each month we donate boxes of things to either Goodwill or Adapt of Texas. We considered gathering things in one area until we had enough for a yard sale; but, honestly... it's too hot in Texas to be sitting outside all day trying to earn a few buck by selling our unwanted things.  Donating what our kids and grandchildren can't use just makes more sense for us. Even though we've been at this for six months now,  it still seems as though every closet, drawer, nook, and cranny in our house has stuff in it.  Not only do we have to de-clutter; but, we have to make sure we don't accumulate more stuff and undo all of our hard work.

Our bedroom was probably the easiest room to de-clutter. I was able to donate most of my work wardrobe to charity, simply because I don't need to wear professional dress every day.  Ron had accumulated a plethora of t-shirts from various sports teams and ball tournaments that he has officiated over the years. Those were difficult for him to part with so he kept what still fits (insert a smile and a wink here.)  We have gone through things twice already, and will most certainly go through them again when we sell the house.  It has actually been very liberating to let go of the excess stuff. Along with getting rid of things, we have instituted a "buy one; toss one" rule.  For example, if we buy a new piece of clothing, we have to get rid of one.  That has drastically reduced my shopping! We also had a lot of junk in jewelry boxes that needed to be sorted through. I donated most of my work costume jewelry to Goodwill. I kept a few things that have sentimental meaning or monetary value.  I'll probably give those to my daughters, once we finally move out of the house. I hope to get to the point where the jewelry I own will fit into a 3X5 file box.

When we de-cluttered, I decided the room needed to be painted. Besides, I hadn't painted in several years so the walls were pretty dinged up. The bedspread was being donated anyway and the quilt I wanted to use on my bed now and once we are in the RV didn't match the peach walls.  I took all of the decor out of the room and if it couldn't be used for staging the house when it is on the market, I got rid of it.  I kept a few things that are small and lightweight to use in our RV. It seem a little bare in there now; but, it does look fresh, bright, and clean.

I can't put a post on the blog without pictures, so these were taken after the bedroom was purged and painted.

The quilt on the bed is one that Mom had made a few years ago. She had it on her bed before she passed away and it has a lot of memories attached to it.  Because I spent so much time with her and Dad while they were in HOSPICE care, I started many mornings by making her bed with this quilt on it.  It was one of the things I chose for myself when we were cleaning out her house.  Luckily, there was a lot of fabric left over from the quilt in her sewing room. I found a piece large enough to make a couple of simple valances to match.

Our bedroom furniture will stay in our house until we sell it. After that, we will probably give it to one of the kids.  Each of them has a guest room we stay in when we visit so one of them can probably put this to good use there.

I hope to have a wall big enough to hang my sunflower painting in the RV bedroom. I love this stupid painting! Our staff had a back to school party at the local Painting With a Twist and we each made one.  I saw variations of this painting in so many classrooms! I think of the wonderful people I taught with each time I look at it.

 Not only did I manage to find enough scrap fabric to make the valances, I managed to piece together a table runner for the top of the dresser. I used to think blue and yellow were cub scout colors. But, I've grown fond of the color combination by trying to find things to use with Mom's quilt.

Here is a better picture of the table runner. I tried to mimic one of the pieced panels in Mom's quilt. I didn't have a pattern so I did a lot of measuring, cutting, piecing, and guessing. It didn't turn out too bad at all!

The purging will continue through the next 3-6 months; and, I hope to see light at the end of the tunnel one of these days.  Ron and I are in no rush to sell the house or buy the RV so we are taking our time.  Some of our friends think we are crazy; others are envious.  Regardless, it is a dream we've had for many ears and we hope it comes true.

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