Friday, February 9, 2018

Maggie and the Spelling Bee

About a month ago, Leslie called to tell me that Maggie opted to take a spelling test "for fun."  It turned out that the spelling test was a screen for the campus spelling bee. Maggie really didn't want to compete; but, being the teacher-pleaser she is, she went through with it.  She ended up winning her campus bee.

The story doesn't end there. Maggie had to represent her campus in the district spelling bee today.  Now that I'm retired (YAHOO) I'm able to attend school events; so, I drove up yesterday, went to their school fund raiser at a local BBQ place, stayed the night and went to the district bee. Delicious food, by the way! The fund raiser was really well attended and the girls were so excited to see some of their teachers there.

Maggie did study for the district bee; but, she didn't stress out over preparing. She told me she was nervous, but didn't know if it was just because she had to participate or if she really wanted to win.  Her Uncle Scott had told her she could get out of it quickly by intentionally misspelling her first word. Needless to say, she was appalled at the idea!

There were 36 students that competed on the district level, ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. Maggie came in 16th, going out on the first round. She wasn't the least bit upset about it, if anything she was relieved. When she joined us in the audience, she sure did have a relieved look on her face.

While I was visiting, I took Boomer to spend time with his bestie, Tico. We got to go on some nice long walks and 2 lovely parks in the area.

We played a round of Clue, spent a lot of time laughing and talking, having a generally wonderful time.
I look forward to many, many more short visits with all the grands now that my WEEK IS FREE!!!

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