Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Summer 2016 Road Trip Stage 4

Arches National Park, Utah

I'm not sure who's idea it was to visit Arches, probably Scott's, but I'm really glad we stopped there. It is such an indescribable place. It really does offer hiking opportunities for all skill levels. We all agreed it is a place we needed to spend more time visiting. But, considering the skill level and age range in our group, we managed to see most of the arches.  I'm sure one day Scott will go back and actually hike out to the more remote locations. But for our first visit, I'm pretty impressed with everything we were able to do.  While we were hiking, I happened to mention to Scott that I was starting to worry about how I would ever keep track of which pictures went with each location. He recommended I take pictures of the trail markers. Sometimes I amaze myself at how dumb I can be. Such a simple solution! So, in this round of pictures I'm posting the trail markers. The grands hiked, climbed, built cairns, watched for wild life, collected pebbles, and expended a lot of energy.

My family was pretty patient with me. I was forever stopping
to take pictures and check how they looked. 

Seth was such a good sport on this trip. He isn't much of an outdoors
person; unless he is hunting. 

Sophie was constantly finding the oddest little perches. We would
find her sitting in the most random places.
I have no idea how I managed to chop off part of the
trail head sign. 


Leslie with Sophie and Maggie; making great memories.
Scott supplied us all with camel backs and lots of advice.
It's a good thing he was with us on this trip!

He also has an amazing camera that takes way better pictures
than mine. This and the following shot are from his camera.

So pretty!

Seth Morgan

Arches of every shape and size...

Maggie building more cairns.

Tiny little grands in the distance.

Off on another trail.  

We didn't actually hike all the way out to this one. It was
pretty far away from the trail head. Lots of people did!

Enjoying a little bit of shade. It did start to get pretty warm.

Sophie on yet another random perch.

Maggie, Seth, Scott, and Leslie.

Maggie & Sophie

Mimi, Sophie, Leslie, Maggie, Scott, and Seth

This place reminded me a lot of Hueco Tanks outside of El Paso.
The rocks look like they are just randomly stacked one on top
of another. Fascinating!

Seth, Maggie, Mimi and Sophie

My absolute FAVORITE arch!!

We had no idea what this place was going to be like.

The entrance was a little narrow. Leslie, Maggie, Scott, Seth, and Sophie

The sand was a little tricky to walk in. But, it was so breezy and cool
in here! I could have stay much longer.

The rock walls were so high with such narrow paths between them.

I finally figured out the easiest way to walk in here was to
hug the rock walls. That was after trudging through the sand for a while.
I happened to notice that all the animal track were near the wall.
I figured they had to know more about walking in here then
we did!

This arch was such a surprise! The breeze that came through
here was so refreshing.

The grands: Sophie, Maggie, and Seth.
Love these guys!

 Goodbye, Utah. It was a wonderful first visit. We all hope to return some day for a much longer visit!

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