Friday, March 20, 2015

Quilting My Break Away

Spring break usually means cleaning out closets, working on the yard, and maybe a family camping trip. This year our break didn't line up with my grandson's break and the granddaughters were going to Arizona on vacation. The hubby had just come back from an insane trip through Winter Storm Thor to Ohio with the boys to watch Ohio State host the Big 10 wrestling championship, so he had to work this week. That meant I could quilt all week long and not be disturbed. Whoop!!!! I finished 6 baby quilts; 3 are going to a co-worker who is having triplets!! (Better her than me!) The other 3 are going into the cedar chest in case another of my young and fertile co-workers decides to have a baby. Then, I finally finished Scott's quilt! I bought the main fabric for his quilt over a year ago. It is from the American Heroes line and it has firefighter and police badges on it. I started gathering the fabric for it over the next few months and got it cut apart during Christmas break. It is pieced, quilted, and trimmed now all I have to do is get it bound. That will probably take me forever because I HATE PUTTING ON BINDING!
Here are the pictures of the the finished products!
Fabric for Scott's quilt; American Heroes...

Scott's quilt finished except or the binding...

close up of the quilting...

back of Scott's quilt...

Three Yard Baby Quilt, number 1...

Three Yard Baby Quilt number 2

Three Yard Baby Quilt number 3

Three Yard Baby Quilt Number 1-B

Three Yard Baby Quilt number 2-B

Three Yard Baby Quilt number 3-B

This is the easiest baby quilt ever! You buy 1 yard each of 3 coordinating fabrics, cut them according to the directions, switch the fabrics around to come up with 3 different views. I have made so many baby quilts using this pattern!

This is the pattern I used for Scott's quilt. I added shashing and corner stones to give it a more finished look.

The pattern came from this book. It was one that belonged to my friend Barbara. Barbara passed away a few years ago from ovarian cancer. She used to tell me that if Scott was a little younger, she would definitely be interested in dating him!