Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Babysitting the Granddaughters Summer 2014

As I read through Facebook and see the many posts shared by friends that include pictures and comments about their summer adventures; I'll admit that I'm a tad bit jealous. Trips to far away places in Europe, the Caribbean, exciting US cities and National parks look like dream vacations. But, looking back at the pictures I've taken of time spent with our two granddaughters touch my heart more than any pictures I might have taken while on some exciting vacation. So, I end this summer of building memories with some of my favorite pictures. It won't be long before these two girls are grown and won't be spending as much time with their Mimi and Poppy as they do now. So, I'll cherish the common and mundane events of our time together for years to come. Our list of accomplishments include: games of Trouble, Old Maid, and Go Fish; building puzzles; watching movies; listening to stories; making Fairy Gardens; doing crafts; investigating science; visiting teaching; helping with the removal of sheet rock; baking (and eating) cookies; the list goes on and on. Here are some pictures of the memories we made.
Painting and planning a Fairy Garden.

Sophie's garden.

Maggie's garden...

Playing with magic sand and eating humus! YUM!!

Making sand castles

Making rubber band bracelets

Making t-shirts.

Finished t-shirts.

Painting by number.

Mentos geysers.

Dollar Tree moon fairies.

Sticker scene: camping.

Sticker scene: castle.

Parading with Boomer!

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The Monkeys said...

you know so many people couldn't believe we took the kids with us on our Baltic cruise, but I actually enjoy being with the our children and vacationing as a family. Family time is the best!